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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  May 10, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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something tomorrow. he's announcing now that he's anouning tomorrow that he'll be tweeting tomorrow that he's running for president. and then he'll announce out loud that he has announced on twitter that he's running for president during an appearance on fox news channel. which clears up a few things. first, that mr. gingrich is really good at makes the most of the announcing part. really there is no substitute right now for good old fox news channel. twitter be darned. fox news is the uncontested gate keeper for republican politics and republican politicians. mr. gingrich himself was until quite recently a fox news contributor as was rick santorum another candidate, as is mike huckabee another possible candidate. as is john bolton, as is sarah palin another possible candidate. all potential republican candidates all current or former
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employees of the fox news channel. the first republican presidential deindicate this year which was a fiasco was hosted by the south carolina republican party and the fox news channel. when fox news contributor turned republican presidential candidate rick santorum announced he was unofficially stepping into the race, where did he do that announcing? on the fox news channel of course. if they do not have fox news in their corner, there's no way forward for them through republican politics. fox news is not just a gate keeper of republican legitimacy, fox news is a maker in republican politics. fox news hasn't been around forever. fox news has only been around since 1996. before 1996 they were king
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makers in republican presidential politics, but they weren't necessarily media organization. they were conservative activist. conservative movement power brokers like this guy. this was the koefr of "time" magazine 16 years ago this week. the typically understated magazine cover headline, the right hand of god. that angelic figure on the cover of "time" magazine is a guy named ralph reed. at the time ralph reed was the head of an organization he was that year's republican party king maker the way fox news channel is today. if you wanted the republican nomination to run against bill clinton in 1996, really, you had to go through ralph reed to do it. reed is the choir boy to the rescue, a born again christian with the fine sense of the secular mechanics of american politics. his christian coalition is on a crew said to take over u.s. politics and it's working.
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if anything happened on the way to ralph reed's takeover of u.s. politics, watch this. >> it's been a territory, a commonwealth of the united states of america since 1976. a place where the american flag goes up every morning. even though most the clothing made here can legally be labeled as made in the u.s. as we found in a "20/20" investigation on saipan when the long day of making t-shirts for america ends, workers are kept in crowded often rat-infested labor barracks. of course, some are better than others. at this one the toilets didn't work. the showers barely worked and the water was contaminated. workers are forbidden to participate in any religious or political activity or to ask for a salary increase or even to
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fall in love or get married. >> i've seen people locked in barracks. >> american law stops at the barbed wire gates. >> that investigation in 1998 by abc news caused i think what's technically known as a freak out in the united states congress. hearings were convened about whether the united states should impose new laws on saipan if they wanted to keep using that made in the usa label. and that's when republican yuber lobbyist for saipan, a man named jack abramoff called up ralph reed. the powerful republican and christian leader turned his new christian themed marketing firm called century strategies to convince christians on his mailing list to lobby for saipan. to lobby for saipan to be able to keep its made in the usa label privileges because those workers you just saw there in that "20/20 ro" report,
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according to ralph reed those workers weren't being mistreated those workers were being introduced to jesus. his marketing firm sent out mailers to american christian conservatives that said quote, the radical left, the big labor union bosses and bill clinton want to pass a law preventing chinese from working on the saipan island. they're converted to the christian faith and return to china with bibles in hand. ralph reed got christians unwittingly to help jack abramoff sweat shop clients by telling them that those chinese workers were getting jesus. they were getting forced mand doir abortions. ralph reed was implicated in similarly disgusting tactics on the issue of indian casinos and weirdly the disgraced energy firm enron. what ralph reed got really good
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at what he pempted was the art of using christians across the country in order to benefit his own bottom line as well as the interest of his corporate clients. mobilizing christians getting them fired up on one issue or another for purportedly moral or religious reasons and using their power to further the financial interests of who reed was representing at the time. out matly this came to light. jack abramoff went to jail. ralph reed tried to make a political come back by running for political office in georgia. he failed spectacularly. in just a little more than ten years ralph reed had gone from right hand of god, the man who single hand idly decided who could and not run for president to a guy who couldn't secure a republican primary win in a lieutenant governor's race. 11 years after the right hand of god cover story in "time" magazine, they ran another cover story on the rise and fall of
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ralph reed. the dude bottomed out. you know to know what he's doing now? >> from the same people who brought you obama care comes a controversy sequel, dodd-frank. it too created a massive unconstitutional regulatory bureaucracy. help us shine a light on dot-frank and expose the unconstitutional takeover of the u.s. economy. >> ralph reed's marketing firm century strategies still exists. and this is what the vice president of that lobbying firm is doing now. a website did the reporting to find out that dodd-frank exposed is being run by one of raffle reed's top guys by this firm that still exists. now leading the conservative drive to repeal the wall street reforms signed into law after the financial disaster that almost destroyed the entire
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american economy. >> when things aren't going well in our economy, the impulse from washington is usually to respond with something big, something comprehensive. we saw this with the dodd-frank financial services bill. the financial meltdown was going across our country, millions of americans were hit hard. but washington's response was all wrong. >> what you see in public is republican speaker of the house john boehner with one of the coke brothers shaking hands there. speaking to assembled would street titans about repealing would street reform. talking about red tape, the bureaucratic overreach of the new consumer protection agency. what you see in public is senate republicans threatening that not only will they let elizabeth warren be head of the new consumer protection agency, they will not allow anybody to become head of that agency because of, you know, the red tape or whatever. that's what happens in public. but what's churning underneath
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the surface in private, what is driving this stuff are the ralph reed machinations of tacticians who never go away. who defy the idea of being disgraced. another one of the century strategy guys from the day is this guy, tim phillips. he heads up americans for prosperity now. you can see them on every issue from union busting to energy, to health reform. anywhere a corporate funder doesn't want to disclose their donors but they do want the appearance of a grassroots movement on their side. not only is century strategies still around, not only are the executives and alumni leading the fake grassroots side of the tea party movement and the crew said now to unreform wall street and prevent elizabeth warren from ever taking a job in washington, but raffle reed himself is rehabiting himself yet again through the sheer force of the fact that
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republicans are just not too disgusting to be seen with him. raffle reed has created another supposed moral values group. this time it's called the faith and freedom coalition. next month they will hold a conference in washington that's expected to attract the biggest names in republican politics to stand alongside raffle reed. sarah palin will be there. mitt romney, michelle backman, mike huckabee, paul ryan. national rally newt gingrich -- naturally newt gingrich will appear after he declares his kand dadsy on the fox news channel. raffle reed is on his way to becoming a king maker once again in republican presidential politics. why not? joining us now is democratic congressman barn nee frank of massachusetts. he is the ranking democrat on the house services committee. he is the frank of dodd frank. >> thank you. >> your financial regulatory
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legislation is under political attacks from some very experienced hands. you've been in this game for a lot of years now. do you feel like wall street reform is really at risk? >> no. yes in one sense. the republicans because of the control of the house are trying to use the deficit, which is a serious problem when you think about the hundreds of billions we allow the military to spend unnecessarily. they're claiming that one way to deal with the deficit is to cut off $100 million for the securities and exchange commission and $80 million for the commodities trading commission. those are two agencies that we gave new powers to to deal with derivatives. they are trying to cut that funding. i don't think they're going to win. they understand this as popular. that's why you're getting this kind of nonsense. an example, we will be voting this week in the committee on
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financial services on a republican bill believe it or not which would make it impossible to deal with speculation in the oil industry. we have a rule pending as a result of the bill we passed that the commodity futurers trading commission that would restrict the right of people who don't use oil, who don't burn it, who don't sell it to buy it up and hold it off the market. speculation. they have a bill that would kill that. they are trying it as you noted to underdo the consumer protection agency. for years consumer protection for most of our history was run by the bank regulatories -- regulators. now even manage some of the tea party people those things aren't popular. they can't make a frontal asault. i am not worried in this case i welcome debate. i welcome openness about this. i don't think the open people are reddier to deregulate derivatives and tell goldman
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sachs and aig to play the ping-pong that helped crash the economy. i don't think they want to take away consumer protection. and i don't think thepts to make -- >> how much do you think that the cost of gas and the fluctuation in the cost of gas is driven by speculation? >> let me quote something. a man named wilbur ross a man who's a very conservative value investor. he buys up companies that aren't doing well and turns them around. he's concerned to be a very, very solid and sound investor generally on the conservative side. he have quoted in "the new york times" over the weekend as saying that it cost between $10 and $20 a barrel. that speculation adds. we know that there has not be a real change in either supply or demand. what we have is people who are anticipating these kind of things. i'll go with wilbur ross, $10 to $20.
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that's 10%, to 20% of the cost. >> wow. in terms of the introduction to this interview and the point that i was trying to make there about raffle reed. it seems to me that there's a real distance between the pop list image of republican sort of man on the street views of politicians right now. it's described as a pop list uprising. when you look at who's organizing a lot of what's organized on that side, it's guys like tim phillips, guys like raffle reed who are real corporate pros. guys that are getting paid by corporations to create the illusion of grassroots movements. >> no question. when these guys talk about exposing the bill, it gives real menning to the phrase indecent exposure. the point is they're very frustrated. if they honestly talk about this, they lose the fight. there are big bureaucracy. we consumer protection was in the hand of the bank regulators. we took it out of the bank
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regulator hands and gave it to an independent agency. we said, you know what, payday lenders and check cashers they've been unregulated. mortgage lending we got into a problem because they were regulated banks and unregulated mortgage lenders. many of the smaller banks have been supportive of this. they've seen their unregulated competors do unregulated things. it's true, we ared aing government roles here to regulate mortgage lending that we didn't have before. that's overwhelming popular. yes, we have give given the commodity futures commission new powers. we added a law that said when a corporation has its annual meeting the shareholders get to vote on whether or not they think the compensation for the top five people is fair or not. now that's a government intervention. it's starting to work, by the way. we have companies now cutting back. i will say we have empowered the shareholders of america to try
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to hold down compensation at the companies they own they think is excessive. i'm not afraid of being exposed for doing that. >> barn nee frank of massachusetts, ranking democratic on the house financial services committee. and always a big target for the right and somebody who seems to enjoy as much as they enjoy. >> a smaller target. i'm losing a little weight. >> very good srks ir. thank you for your time. the new chairman woman of the democratic party is our guest on the interview tonight. i've been looking to this discussion for a long time. that is coming up. [ male announcer ] halls relieves coughs and sore throats due to allergies too. now you know.
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one of the many, many things that is bad about being out of work is that it doesn't just destroy your personal economy, your personal economy. it isn't just financially disastrous for you as a person. your reduced resources once you're unemploymented make it hard for the whole rest of the economy, too. it's a spiral. the economy gates weak. people get laid off. those laid off people buy less, which hurts the businesses that they otherwise be buying stuff from, which causes more layoffs. all of which creates a registration their spiral. it is a bad deal. it is part of the reason we have unemployment insurance in this country. it protects you as an unemploymented person. it also protects the whole economy from the effects of there being a lot of unemployment and result in poverty all at once. republican state legislatures are doing their best to weaken that important safety net right now. along with their measure, michigan governor rick snyder
9:21 pm
and republicans cut unemployment benefits by six weeks. they would be the least in the nation. the michigan republicans were followed soon thereafter by the missouri republicans. and now the missouri republicans have been followed by the florida republicans. in florida the unemployment rate is 11.1%. it is worse even than michigan. and unemployment benefits already in florida are among the worst in the nation. the weekly benefits in florida are 47th lowest in the country. they're already about as -- doing about as little as they can. as little as they can possibly do in florida to protect their economy as a state from the effect of having so many people there that are unemploymented. now florida has found a way to do even less. to make it even worse for unemploymented people and for the state's economy. they are slashing the number of weeks for which you can get unemployment benefits in florida. what is this likely to do to florida's already bad economy? their already horrific job situation? when moodies looked at the
9:22 pm
effectiveness of different policies, they found that for every dollar you spend on extending unemployment benefits, we get back $1.61 in economic growth. so now slashing unemployment benefit what's going to happen to economic growth in florida? maybe we should consult the economics department from one of florida's fine public universities. you must be careful where you treathere? apparently conservative billionaire charles coke brother of the guy seen shaking hands with john boehner in the previous slide, he has purchased a faculty hiring rights at florida state university's economics department. no, really. quoting now from the paper, a conservative billionaire who opposes government meddling in business has bought a rare commodity, the right to interfere in faculty hiring at a publicly funded university. the report says in exchange for
9:23 pm
a $1.5 billion donation quote, an advisory committee decides which candidates should be considered for teaching positions in the department. the foundation can withdraw the funding if it's not happy with the faculty's choice or if the hires don't meet objectives. the deal was signed in 2008. during the first round of hiring in 2009, koch rejected nearly 60% of the faculties suggestions. no matter who is vetting and paying for this scholarship, there isn't a sound economic basis on which to justify the kick the poor policy that is moving forward in florida right now. economically it will be bad for the state. particularly when there's not even a we're broke we can't afford to pay out your unemployment insurance benefits to be made. they're not using the money they'll no longer pay in unemployment benefits to plug some hole in the state deficit. they're not doing that.
9:24 pm
the money they will save from not paying unemployment will be given away in the form of corporate tax breaks. so it will not help the deficit. it is likely to slow economic gret growth. it will economically hurt the most economically hurting people in the state. there is no economic argument for what they're doing. you're left with the idealogical government. that the government should be small. one of the things the government can do is pay unemployment insurance benefits to people out of the job, the government should do less as that because the government should do as little as possible. economically a disaster, but at least it will be small government. maybe that explains it. except, at the same time that florida is doing this, florida republicans have also decided to start mandatory drug testing of florida residents receiving public benefits. not people who are suspected of drug abuse, but everybody forced drug testing by the government. and the state will have to pay for those forced drug tests for the folks who aren't, you know,
9:25 pm
on drugs. or they will reimburse those forced drug tests. the bill says you have to front the money for your forced drug test. you have to front the money for your forced drug test. just paying for those forced drug tests could cost the state of florida $1 million to nearly $8 million. if you -- you have to front the money to pay for your forced drug test. and then if you turn up clean, they'll reimburse you the money so. the state is then paying for it. if you don't turn up clean, then you're the one who has paid for the test. that's their new small government system. floe florida is slowing down the economy in a way that hurts people. in a way that spends a bunch of money to expand the government to a never before seen size. the government in florida can be big enough to seize your bodily fluids even if you are not suspected of anything amiss with those fluids. this is the world according to the republican party in the state of florida, which is now
9:26 pm
as always the great petri dish of american politics. the brand new chair of the democratic party comes from this petri dish. deby washingtonerman schultz will join us next. together at . introducing new stouffer's farmers' harvest with sides of lightly sauteed farm-picked vegetables. find more ways to get to the table at
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joining us tonight for the interview is the new chair of the democratic national committee florida congresswomen. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you, rachel. >> congratulations on your new
9:30 pm
gig. how's it going so far? >> it's going well. we're up and running and we've got a lot of excitement being generated around the country. people are getting fired up to re-elect president obama. >> we've been talking a lot about republicans in control in the states. i just did a segment about what republican governance looks like in florida. do you expect that the democratic party this year in this election season will run in part by highlighting the way that republicans are governoring in the states where they have control. both in the house of representatives which they control and in some of the states? >> well, i think if you look at states like mine in florida, ohio, wisconsin thr being led by republican governors, i think the voters there are becoming very disturbed about the extreme radical policies that are coming out of these state legislatures and out of these governors. this is not what the voters signed up for. there is such a dramatic
9:31 pm
contrast being set up between the direction that the republicans would take us really right off the deep end specially waging war on the unemploymented as if somehow them being out of the job is their fault and rewarding businesses. really it's like reverse robin hood ism. it's really shocking. i think voters are taken aback and they're going to push back hard on election day next year. >> on the issue of -- on social issues, if your home state of florida and the legislature there republicans have proposed 18 different anti-abortion bills this session. plus they proposed a variety of state-mandated drug testing programs. drug testing for people who are not suspected of drug use. >> including for state employees. >> and people on public assistance. what are you hearing from your constituents in response to this year of big government conservativism in florida? >> again, republicans like to
9:32 pm
say how they want to end the concept of big government. yet they propose the most big government invasive proposals of all to suggest that because you get paid a salary by the state that somehow that gives the state the right to randomly drug test you whether or not there's any suspicion at all that you have taken drugs. the supreme court has ruled on that. so i'm sure that that is going to end up going right to court. and governor scott's extreme, radical proposal will be struck down. instead of to cussing on job creation, instead of trying to turn the economy around, instead of trying to make sure that during this very difficult time that we actually strike a balance like president obama has called for to get through this crisis, they blame everything on people who are the most
9:33 pm
vulnerable. i think it's outrageous and i think the voters are finding it outrage as well. >> one of the flash points in the states this year has been the issue of union rights. scott walker getting attention. a lot of states pursuing this, stripping union rights the response from the unions themselves has been interesting. they certainly feel supported by the democratic base out in the streets and at the state capital lobbying against these things. but groups like, the international association of firefighters these groups are starting to say that they do not feel supported by the democratic party at the federal level even as republicans mount what's starting to look like a coast to coast assault on union rights. if the democratic party loses big labor support it's going to be in trouble moneywise in the next election cycle. what's your view of that. >> >> i think across the country you've had widespread grassroots and particularly democratic support pushing back against these radical proposals that are
9:34 pm
anti-union and anti-worker. i'm concerned if the perception is by labour that the democrats aren't supportive. in fact, we were able to actually in florida kill a really anti-labor proposal and prevent the republicans from being able to push it through even though rick scott strongly supported it. because this was something that was you been acceptable. we have collective bargaining rights embedded in florida's constitution. it was a bridge too far. so i think that democrats have been very supportive. democratic elected leaders and democratic activists have been very supportive of workers' rights. >> because i was hoping to get to talk to you now that you're the new chair of the party, i asked that somebody who's maybe my new friend, michael steele if he had any advice for you on
9:35 pm
starting this new job. he told me three things. one, have someone watch your back and then have someone watch them. two, remember you can't please everyone, but can certainly tick them all off at the same time. and three, have fun. do you accept his advice? do you think that sounds appropriate for your new gig? >> i did. i'm going to start off with advise number three. and definitely have fun. because there is nothing more exciting for me than working hard to elect democrats up and down the ballot. particularly because i believe in president obama's agenda so strongly and the constituents that i represent in stout florida do as well. it's absolutely critical that we make sure that americans know that we are focused like a laser beam on creating jobs, getting the economy turned around. making sure that we can fully implement health care reform so patients are in the driver's seat and not insurance companies. that's what i look forward to you can taing about with voters
9:36 pm
across the country over the next 18 months. it's going to be incredibly important that we demonstrate the stark contrast between the two parties' visions for the direction america should go. >> democratic party chair, remember, have somebody watch your back and have somebody watch that person. sort of. nous. thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks, rachel. hey susie, why don't you use this ? it's got a calculator. thanks, dad. this is the neighborhood. you get elm street and you get main street. thank you. and that's just the first quarter. so you want a slide in your office ? or monkey bars, either one.
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the first congressional race that every republican in the house with paul ryan so kill medicare is on. it's in a very red republican district where this guy resigned after the whole world saw his shirtless personal ad on the internet. the race so far has not got much to do with shirtlessness or the muslessness. this race has been turned on its just averaged muscled head by john boehner and his big political mistake this year. that's next. [ male announcer ] if you've been to the hospital
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on last might's show we talked about this election. the special election in upstate new york to replace congressman christopher lee who showed up shirtless on and who resigned from office before you can finish losing his article with the picture. that was the fast ers blitzical scandal on earth. the special election to replace mr. lee ought to be a gamee for the republican party. his district was designed to be
9:44 pm
a republican district. remember the new york republican governor for governor. he actually won in new york 26. that's how republican new york 26 is. they even voted for paladino. when barack obama beat mccain, mccain won in 26. the politics are no match for how much people all over the country hate the paul ryan plan to kill medicare in. a district where majority of voters are over what, the republican candidate jane corwin's pledge to vote with her party to kill medicare has been driven home by the democrat in the race kathy hochul. since our report on that last night there's new news of new
9:45 pm
conservative money pouring into that race to try to save it for the republicans. karl rove's group starting today is spends $650,000 on tv ads to benefit the republican candidate. that's the call. is there a response? maybe. a liberal group called house majority pac says it may now get involved as well. their spokesman saying they are keeping close tabs on this race. from one special election in bun obscure, but i'm sure lovely congressional district, but special elections can sometimes be seen as bellwethers as predictor of things to come. take for example wisconsin ark democrat took that street for if first time in 16 years. you know who got that message? republican state senator whose territory includes that assembly district. he is one of six republicans who
9:46 pm
have been put up for recall by voters because of his support of wisconsin's republican governor big union stripping bill. the recall got a go ahead from state officials. three democratic state senators have always been put up for recall by conservative groups because they -- you will notice there are half as many democrats forced to defend their seats. not one of the attempted democratic recalls has been given a green light by the state. to retake the wisconsin state senate, democrats need to oust three republicans. they are going for six. we don't know how many they will have to defend as well. we do know they need a net gain of three. and that is not very many. one way you can tell it is not seen as very many in wisconsin is republicans have started to jam through their legislationive agendas a fa as they can. stuff they might have waited years to do is on the calendar.
9:47 pm
legalizing concealed weapons, derudy giulianilating the telephone industry, expanding the school voucher program. ending early release from prison. these are not emergency items unless you don't have much time left because you're about to lose control of the state senate or you fear you might. one other item wisconsin republicans have decided they can't wait on they must push through right away. they cannot wait to pass a vote that would make it harder to vote in wisconsin. they cannot wait for that bill to take effect when they pass it. when they first proposed a law to require you to show a photo i.d. at the polls it was to take effect in the 2012 primary, next spring. now the harder to vote rule would take effect immediately right away, as in before the six republican state senators have to defend their seats in recall elections scheduled for some time this summer. remember what happened last time when republicans tried to jam something through as fast as possible? that was in march when republicans decided to pass their union stripping deal with
9:48 pm
a bill through a special committee meeting called with very little notice and a prejudice the courts are still mulling over to decide if it was legal. at that committee hearing one democrat made a last stand to try to stop what they were doing. >> no. no. listen, if there's any doubt as the governmental body should provide 24 hours' notice. this is clearly a violation-shutting people down is improper to move forward while this is a violation in the system. not allowing an amendment and that is wrong. no. this is sa violation of the meeting law. . joining us now is that man who stood in front of that tank. democratic state representative peter barka of wisconsin. representative barka thanks very much for your time. >> rachel, great to be on your
9:49 pm
show. we appreciate all the great coverage you've had of wisconsin. just by shedding some light on this radical agenda that they've been pushing over the last couple monkts has helped enormously. >> let me ask you about that national spotlight. the reason wisconsin has had so much national attention for me and other people this year is not just because of how surprising and aggressive the republican agenda has been in wisconsin, but because the backlash in wisconsin against it has been so strong. you are right in the middle of it. do you feel like, like wisconsin has a lesson for the country in terms of republican overreach and the reaction you've had there? >> there's no question, rachel. we have had 30 budget hearings around the state. and people have come out droves. they are extremely upset at eve wing organizations show 2/3 of the people are against having their rights to collective bargaining removed but now you
9:50 pm
have radical proposals nand the come up with the most extreme laws. today alone we had on the docket to pass the most extreme bill to basically end wind energy in wisconsin, a state that has a heritage for clean environmental practices. they had another bill to no longer require municipalities to have clean water. then they had a bill which you mentioned earlier in your segment regarding the school voucher program. once again, they take the most extreme measures to take off the lid completely and allow the taxpayers to pay for wealthy people and their children to private schools not even in the same community they live in. it's just been remarkable to see their overreach and people are reacting strongly. you mentioned the 94th assembly district which has been held by 16 years by the governor's top aide that we won by a significant margin, 54-46. three county executive races.
9:51 pm
and the governor, home county, milwaukee county went big for the democrat against one of the governor's top allies in the legislature. republican outagamie county elected a democrat as county executive for the first time ever. then you have the supreme court race that we still don't fully know the outcome with joann kloppenberg 30 points behind with four weeks to go that it comes within a whisker of a vote. so people are catching on and as you indicated, rachel, they hear the foot steps so they are rushing through this legislation with little public notice, with sloppily putting together amendments, changing it from day to day. people don't even know what bills we're considering they change them so rapidly. >> what do you think is going to happen in terms of recall elections in your state? when do you think those will be and what do you think the results will be? >> well, it looks pretty clearly like they'll be in mid july and we feel very confident based on the last couple election cycles
9:52 pm
we've been through including the special election. people are upset. they are -- feel as though the middle class is under attack and they're standing up strongly. they're coming out in droves. we hear constantly from people who have never been involved in politics before that they're now fully engaged. it's been remarkable to watch. >> democratic state representative peter barka of wisconsin. thank you very much for your time tonight, sir. i really appreciate it. >> well, rachel, we appreciate your coverage. thank you. we'll be right back. ♪
9:53 pm
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9:56 pm
it was a protest which the government had banned and when people turned up to protest anyway in constitutional square in uganda's capital city police hemmed in the protesters with dogs and then they shot pink dye at the protesters from trucks. the government has not said what the liquid was or whether it is toxic or why they doused people with what appears to be indelible dye but these were the surreal scenes in the capital city of uganda today. the opposition leader who came in third against the long-time dictator of uganda and what are widely believed to be rigged elections in february, he was one of those hit with diane arrested today. as far as we know he is still in custody. the man who came in second in the election was beaten so severely at another protest last month that he is still out of the country now receiving medical treatment. the swearing in ceremony for uganda's dictator is scheduled for thursday amid the protests and the pink dye and the beating and arrests of the opposition
9:57 pm
figures reporting from uganda's parliament today suggests the way the president will spend tomorrow, the day before he is sworn in, is signing into law his country's so-called kill the gays bill. the bill which may still be amended would establish penalties up to and including execution for the crime of being gay. it would make it a crime punishable by imprisonment to know someone was gay and not turn them into police. it would make it a crime punishable by imprisonment to hire someone who was gay or to be their landlord. the president himself and the members of parliament, excuse me, the member of parliament who introduced the kill the gays bill are both linked to c street to the capital hill boarding house for members of congress run by the secretive religious group the family. you may remember c street and the family got national attention when they played starring roles in efforts to keep secret or resolve extra marital affairs by republican politicians mark sanford and john ensign. c street also got a new round of national attention when it
9:58 pm
emerged that david bahati the author of the kill the gays bill was considered to be the family's key man in uganda. his rise to power there connected to his powerful friends in the family in the u.s. as the kill the gays bill was internationally condemned by secretary of state hillary clinton, and president barack obama, and by countries around the world, the family and c street were stung by the exposure and by revelations of their links to these characters in ugandan politics. a representative of the family took the unprecedented step of appearing on television on this show to defend the family and to describe how the family was using its influence over the main players in uganda to try to stop the kill the gays bill not to promote it. since then the family has tried to calm worries about the kill the gays bill by saying that they had inside information from the president's inner circle that the bill would never go anywhere, that it had gone as
9:59 pm
far as it was going to go, that it would never get as far as, well, as it did today. after months of stalling the bill is expected to be out of committee and to get a second reading in parliament tomorrow. observers familiar with uganda's parliamenty processes says that means the kill the gays bill could easily be made law tomorrow unless the president vetoes it. the family has been saying that he had his mind changed on this. he would never sign it but, again, the family also said it wouldn't make it this far through parliament and now it has. i don't know if uganda's dictator is worried about international condemnation on human rights issues. on this week of his inauguration. my sense is no. but we will keep as close a watch as we can on the kill the gays proceedings tonight and tomorrow and we will have an update about it on tomorrow night's show. thanks very much for being with us tonight. now it's time for the ed show. have a good one. good evening americans. welcome to "the ed show" tonight


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